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Kuhnian revolution #cck11 Agent in/is the network

Commentary by Jonas_Backelin (Jonas Backelin) on link by jaapsoft2, Kuhnian revolution #cck11 Agent in/is the network, Mar 12, 2011.

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Hi Jaap,

My perspective on the section, I quoted from or facilitator session with George Siemens, is that new knowledge has to have 'personal meaning'. During some reading of 'inquiry-based learning' I also came across Kuhn's cognitive perspective. Inexperienced learners acquire new knowledge about a phenomenon during inquiry (..probably as an agent in the network an you mentioned). Learning is archived when reflecting on the experiences made and the new evidence is gathered (Kuhn & Pease, 2008). I'm trying to understand how we can arrange semantic metadata in ontologies to make the learning more effective/relevant instead of time consuming and fragmented...
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