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January 21, 2011

Live Session: Week 1 Readings

We are meeting in Elluminate for our Friday facilitator discussion:

Elluminate (Click Here to Join).
Facilitator's discussion. Time:8:00 p.m. Moscow; 5:00 p.m. London; 12 noon New York; 9:00 a.m. Los Angeles; 1:00 a.m. Saturday Beijing
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Free Yourself
Stephen Downes, CCK11, January 21, 2011.

"If CCK11 is a distributed course," you may be asking, "then why must I depend on a central application like gRSShopper? Why can't I take the course without being subscribed to the Daily?" And the answer is: you can. You can take the course entirely inside your own RSS reader. We have three XML pages that allow you to set this up:

- CCK11 Announcements and Posts RSS Feed - this is an RSS feed of the course content authored by the instructors, and includes all announcements

- CCK11 Participants Blog Posts RSS Feed - this is an RSS feed containing extracts of all participant blog posts tagged with CCK11

- CCK11 Participant Feed OPML - this is an outline file listing all course participant feeds. You can import this list into your aggregator to read the feeds directly (instructions for Google Reader).

So if you feel you need to be free of the centralizing influence of gRSShopper, you now have all the tools you need. [Comment]

Connectivism Glossary
George Siemens, , January 20, 2011.

A few individuals in our live session requested a glossary of connectivism. I came across a glossary from CCK09...and added a few terms/concepts that I'd like to see reflected in discussion on connectivism today. It's a dramatic shift: instead of measuring learning only by what people have memorized and are able to repeat back in a test, learning is also measured by networked functions: influence, resonance, connection strength, etc. [Comment]

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Confusion - A Catalyst for Learning?
Tom Nickel, 1107 - A Learning Quest, January 20, 2011.

thanks I enjoyed reading it [Comment]

Learning to Understanding an "-Ism"
Tester, 1067 - Discovery Through eLearning, January 20, 2011.

Love the diagram. [Comment]

CCK11: Having a thought you can't not think
Apostolos K., 1143 - Connexions, January 20, 2011.

What we know today as knowledge does color our interpretations of what we study and how we study it, however it does not and should not limit us. If we do our "jobs" correctly, as inquisitive and curious beings, things that do not computer can and should be revisited. For a long time it was "knowledge" that the sun revolved around the earth until people started examining things. At the surface, the claim does make sense when we look at the sky, but it's just one vantage point. I don't think we should look at knowledge as canonical and unchanging, but rather we should look at what doesn't fit the pattern that we have come up with and try to describe it - that "new" knowledge supersedes "old" knowledge. [Comment]

CCK11 – Blowing in the wind?
Apostolos K., 1138 - rEflections, January 20, 2011.

Interesting thoughts Ruth!

As far as keeping up with it all, I know that there is no real reason why this works for me, but I pick posts (from the daily emails) that pique my interest in the small blurb that is in the newsletter. If there is something that lights my mental lightbulb in the post I write back. I hope that the blog posts persist, even after the course is done, so I can have an opportunity to go back later on.

My goal is to explore a bit more of this concept of connectivism, and (as I've done mostly throughout grad school - be a devil's advocate).

As far as applying the concept to learners that need more scaffolding, I think it's important to realize that (at least in my opinion) all learners need some level of scaffolding, the good instructor recognized what that level is and acts accordingly. Not all children (or non-adults) need the same amount of scaffolding. It just seems like they can't handle complexity because our school systems have beaten kids into submission and that's what we expect kids to be like. (in Grades 1, 2, and 3 my teacher did punish us with a slap with a ruler! - luckily this now is neither acceptable nor allowed, but it seems like schools still expect order to the detriment of creativity) [Comment]

Connectivism: Why faculty don't have to be quite so concerned about Wikipedia #CCK11
Apostolos K., 1108 - TEACHING IN HIGHER EDUCATION, January 20, 2011.

It's interesting, as you point out, that there is a perception that many instructors in higher ed. expect students to memorize and regurgitate. I am lucky to have not had that many of that type of instructor. I also know many instructors that expect students to critically think, research and process what they read into something new that is based on their own thought process and not some sort of regurgitation - when students fail to do so because for so long they've been expected to draw inside the lines, and paint by numbers, the instructors are surprised because they think that as college students they should have some rudimentary skills for critical synthesis.

As far as wikipedia goes, I love the tool! For a long time many (of whom would now be labelled as "amateurs") have been disempowered when it comes to knowledge creation. Wikipedia aims to bring more people who have specialized knowledge (but not necessarily a PhD in the area) into the picture. My one issue is that personal knowledge is discounted at times. I was contributing to an article about a software package that I developed some plug-ins for (about 10 or so years ago). The original software no longer exists, but the wikipedians wanted sources for what I was writing (based on manuals and websites that I had read at the time in preparation for software development). Most of that stuff doesn't exist, so is my first hand knowledge discounted because I can't come up with a manual? [Comment]


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jaap, Re: Course Blog Viewer, on opening link "course blog browser" Error ID ....

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Daily Newspaper for #cck11
, Connecting the Dots
I like the Web Tool called "Paper.li". This tool makes a daily visual aggregate of a feed, hashtag or a username on Twitter; and creates a 'newspaper' with the topic given. I have never had a real reason to create one though, until now. I played with mone of my own Twitter unername (@pipcleaves), but i didn't find it useful. i want to make one that feed information to me, not just tells me what I have already read. I love the idea of a teacher having a variety of .... [Link] 2011-01-21T02:57:00 [Comment]

Connectivism and Social Constructivism - Whats the Difference
, Best content in CCK2011 | Diigo - Groups
Comments:Blog by Lindsay Jordan - Stephanie DayTags: connectivism, cck11by: Stephanie [Link] 2011-01-21T09:10:39 [Comment]

Digesting CCK11 - Riffing off the eating meme
keith.hamon@gmail.com (keith.hamon), Communications & Society
[Link] 2011-01-21T04:07:00 [Comment]

Day Five: Reflecting (#CCK 11)
profesorbaker, Profesorbaker's Blog
Hi. I’m thinking, or better said, reflecting on #CCK11. Now, I’m actually alone in the house (incredible but true), it’s late afternoon, a nice cool breeze is blowing gently through my window, and my gaze has come to rest on … Continue reading → [Link] 2011-01-20T23:26:14 [Comment]

Strategies for Success
kristibroom, Learning About Learning
Yesterday, I shared my goals for CCK11. I’ve got one to add: 6. Stay ahead of the readings! Last year, I spent the week (and weekends) playing catch up with the readings, which deprived me of rich understanding of the sessions, and the discussions. I don’t remember if previous courses had the readings published in [...] [Link] 2011-01-20T22:27:20 [Comment]

About central focus in CCK11
jaapsoft2, connectiv
Reply to is-there-anybody-out-there/: I agree on the discussion being not central. But a discussion with that many people as in this CCK11 course  will never be central. I copy comments I make and comments I like to my blog. And I choose options as: notify me of follow up comments. I did even become a ‘member’ [...] [Link] 2011-01-20T22:00:36 [Comment]

Nicholas Carr - 3 Technologies that changed our Thinking
, Best content in CCK2011 | Diigo - Groups
Comments:Thought this series of talks by Nicholas Carr may be of some interest to CCk11 participants. How our thinking changed as technology progressed. - Stephanie DayTags: cck11, technology, changeby: Stephanie [Link] 2011-01-20T22:29:10 [Comment]

Notes on CCK11: Confusion, Control and Complexity
Thomas Steele-Maley, steelemaley.net » #CCK11
Confusion is a Good Thing, Breaking the Control inherent in LMS and the Complexity of Design Notes from the recorded introductory Elluminate session of CCK11 George Siemens (GS) Stephen Downes (SD) ….on CCK11 format “A set of networks to play with learning spaces!” “Confusion is a Good thing” “Skim and Dive” ….on Course Design “The [...] [Link] 2011-01-20T21:55:29 [Comment]

CCK11 – Is there anybody out there?
ruthsexstone, rEflections
http://www.flickr.com/photos/estimmel/181914110 This post is in response to a comment in the ‘Sample Link Post’ on 19th Jan about how the comment format “decentralizes the discussions”. This very thought occurred to me today as I cycled to work. Whilst the benefits cited in this comment are valid: that it is difficult for any one individual to [...] [Link] 2011-01-20T21:43:51 [Comment]

RSS, Feed readers, aggregators, validators oh my!
, Opposable Digit
I’m making this blog just for CCK11 because I don’t know how to set up a feed that’s just for post with that tag. What are all these tools to connect, and how do you use [Link] 2011-01-20T16:23:48 [Comment]

A MOOC? Can you eat it? And how do you cook it?
gerald.meinert@ericsson.com (gerald), One step beyond
Very recently I have enrolled for a MOOC on Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011, because I was attracted by the title (actually only by the connotation of "Connective Knowledge", since I had no idea what "Connectivism" is. Only then I realized that I had no idea what a MOOC is. To make a long story short, only for learning about this concept, it was worth affording (it was for free by the way). MOOC means Massive Open Online Course.Also very interesting is the relation of the MOOC .... [Link] 2011-01-20T20:07:00 [Comment]

CCK11: Unlearning knowledge
leahgrrl, Connexions
How does Connectivism deal with unlearning knowledge? I’m still stuck from yesterday on the question of what might be labeled knowledge that I don’t wish to have—for instance, the “knowledge” in the culture around me that leads to discrimination or worse (e.g., racism). George Siemens’ learning theories table lists a column called “property” that might [...] [Link] 2011-01-20T19:26:53 [Comment]

POLL: When will we change the way we educate?
jennieteacher@gmail.com (Jennie Scott-McKenzie), Schoolz and Toolz
#cck11 [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Link] 2011-01-20T10:56:00 [Comment]

Confusion - A Catalyst for Learning?
noreply@blogger.com (Mattias), A Learning Quest
Earlier today I listened to the first seminar in the CCK11 (#CCK11) course I have just started. Apart from general information on how the course works and the very basics of what Connectivism is all about there was some talking about Confusion. I think at least all the participants who are new to this kind of course (and probably some of the experienced ones as well) feel a bit confused right now. New things are happening that we am not in total control of and don't know enough about. We .... [Link] 2011-01-20T19:52:00 [Comment]

Open Culture
, Best content in CCK2011 | Diigo - Groups
Comments:The best free cultural & educational media on the web - Mohsen SaadatmandTags: open, culture, education, free, web2.0, Audio, connectivism, CCK11by: Mohsen [Link] 2011-01-20T15:55:22 [Comment]

CCK11 Blog, First Post
Dr. Tom Nickel, Alliant News Network » Tom Nickel, CCK11
I am especially interested in what it really means, as Stephen said, to attach discussions to the artifacts we make. I am not clear about how to use Grsshopper and what role this [Link] 2011-01-20T04:10:29 [Comment]

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@blogcantarelli (Blog do Cantarelli) tweeted: RT @DaisyGrisolia: Conexões novas&originais abrem novos mundos e criam novos conhec http://tinyurl.com/68fcfk4 G. Siemens #eadsunday #cck11 2011-01-21T10:42:06

@graemeferris (Graeme Ferris) tweeted: RT @DaisyGrisolia: We can't simply throw buzzwords into a pot and call it a theory - George Siemens in http://tinyurl.com/68fcfk4 #CCK11 2011-01-21T10:41:40

@DaisyGrisolia (Daisy Grisolia) tweeted: Check out this video "What Is Connectivism?" on @Ustream http://ustre.am/:2Tdk ! #CCK11 #eadsunday 2011-01-21T10:37:29

@jennyluca (jennyluca) tweeted: RT @timekord: Rt @gsiemens Connectivism Glossary: http://bit.ly/hWJTJy #cck11 2011-01-21T10:36:30

@timekord (Martin King) tweeted: #CCK11 Connectivism & Connective Knowledge is an open online course http://goo.gl/IcILe 2011-01-21T10:35:27

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: Those from #cck11 who missed the 4am webinar - the recorded version is up now. go to this week's activities page. 2011-01-21T10:33:41

@timekord (Martin King) tweeted: Rt @gsiemens Connectivism Glossary: http://bit.ly/hWJTJy #cck11 2011-01-21T10:29:05

@DaisyGrisolia (Daisy Grisolia) tweeted: We can't simply throw buzzwords into a pot and call it a theory - George Siemens in http://tinyurl.com/68fcfk4 #CCK11 2011-01-21T10:27:12

@NexPeople (NexPeople) tweeted: We can't simply throw buzzwords into a pot and call it a theory - George Siemens in http://tinyurl.com/68fcfk4 #CCK11 2011-01-21T10:27:11

@DaisyGrisolia (Daisy Grisolia) tweeted: Conexões novas e originais abrem novos mundos e criam novos conhecimentos -http://tinyurl.com/68fcfk4 - George Siemens #eadsunday #cck11 2011-01-21T10:23:53

@NexPeople (NexPeople) tweeted: Conexões novas e originais abrem novos mundos e criam novos conhecimentos -http://tinyurl.com/68fcfk4 - George Siemens #eadsunday #cck11 2011-01-21T10:23:52

@DaisyGrisolia (Daisy Grisolia) tweeted: Connectivism and Social Constructivism – what's the difference? http://bit.ly/fRpUqD - #eadsunday - compartilhando o melhor do curso #cck11: 2011-01-21T09:56:23

@lindsayjordan (Lindsay Jordan) tweeted: #cck11: Language and logic http://bit.ly/fhRV8D 2011-01-21T09:56:12

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: @downes @gsiemens thanks for recording the elluminates for #cck11 it's great to be able to keep engaged from the other side of the world 2011-01-21T11:45:02

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: Connectivism and Social Constructivism – what's the difference? http://bit.ly/fRpUqD (via @DaisyGrisolla) #connectivism #yam 2011-01-21T11:43:07

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: create topics that are relevant to you #cck11 - what an awesome learning experience. I am instantly engaged. A perfect concept for schools 2011-01-21T11:39:44

@DaisyGrisolia (Daisy Grisolia) tweeted: Surfando nas conexões - Participar do #CCK11 está sendo uma experiência e tanto. Passado o estranhamento da... http://tumblr.com/xgn1b8bfjd 2011-01-21T11:37:02

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: Knowledge is the having of a thought that you can't un-think. eg. Once you find a 'Where's Wally', you can't not find him. #cck11 @downes 2011-01-21T11:34:22

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: I love that the #cck11 has no LMS at it's centre #projectbasedlearning #DERNSW #connectivism #thankyou 2011-01-21T11:28:34

@timekord (Martin King) tweeted: Confusion - A Catalyst for Learning? http://goo.gl/k0G4h By @mattiaskareld VIA @lindsayjordan #CCK11 2011-01-21T11:27:54

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: Expertise cont: If they can explain the links between these patterns, that can be seen to be an expert. #cck11 #makesense 2011-01-21T11:26:39

@sbaria (Sharee Barry) tweeted: RT @pipcleaves: our own perspective helps to make the same material be reproduced and understood in different ways. Thus its never duplication #cck11 2011-01-21T11:26:07

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: What is expertise: If someone has a strong understanding of a discipline and are able to swap between focus and patterns #cck11 #thinking 2011-01-21T11:25:24

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: Curation of information is when we set a resource to pick out what is important to us, then pass this info one to others. #cck11 I <3 this 2011-01-21T11:21:32

@adgibbs (Dave Gibbs) tweeted: RT @lindsayjordan: #cck11: Connectivism and Social Constructivism – what's the difference? http://bit.ly/fRpUqD | Interesting post 2011-01-21T11:20:32

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: our own perspective helps to make the same material be reproduced and understood in different ways. Thus its never duplication #cck11 2011-01-21T11:20:02

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: Enjoying hearing about the difference between 'resampling and remixing' vs 'duplication of effort' #cck11 2011-01-21T11:18:43

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: A Daily Newspaper for #cck11 http://bit.ly/geZu4y 2011-01-21T11:15:28

@giselebrugger (gisele brugger) tweeted: RT @DaisyGrisolia: Connectivism and Social Constructivism – what's the difference? http://bit.ly/fRpUqD - #eadsunday - compartilhando o melhor do curso #cck11: 2011-01-21T10:55:21

@graemeferris (Graeme Ferris) tweeted: Networks seem to be me to be at heart of Connectivism, how they form & develop. Self-similarity at neural, conceptual & social level? #CCK11 2011-01-21T10:48:53