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Dialogues (help!)

Commentary by zapotepetl () on link by gabriela, Dialogues (help!), Feb 07, 2011.

Hi Ak!
Thanks for your comment.
You said: "While distributed is good, it's also poor if you want to get easy participation. We are all busy professionals so it's not as easy to get to deeper levels of understanding with such a widely distributed method of communication."

I think there are 3 different "problems" there:
(1) The distributed nature of this MOOC proposal WITHOUT a place (&tool) to dialogue.
(2) The bussy we all are
(3) The combination of both.

Number (1) helps chatting, commenting, small talking easy. That's a great advantage for number (2). But condition (2) doesn't imply unability to go deep. It just needs to adecuated tools for enhacing own time. The distributed nature of 700+ participants (145+ blogs) is great, but very complex. Places (&adecuated tools) for dialogue will make a big difference.
I understand that previous cck moocs edither used forumes on moodle or on google groups. Not using moodle is just a way to say "stop thinking in a class", and it's ok. Google is not providing anymore Groups. It seems this gRSShoper-discussion threads is the alternative. But it is not an adecuate tool for deep discussion.

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