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gabriela, redeflexiones, Mar 14, 2011
A couple of weeks ago at the cck11 group at FB we were talking about socialbookmarking tools (delicious and diigo, mainly). I said,as an old user of delicious, that I have some strategies for tagging and tought about writting them down, so here they are (yes! I am very late!). The main point on how I came with these "strategies", is being able to find things back and for that is better when I tag extensively and at the same time I keep a consistent "body" of tags (I have~600). It depends ... 2011-03-14T17:35:00.004-06:00 [Comment]

Dialogues (help!)
gabriela, redeflexiones, Feb 05, 2011
Where are dialogues happening? I have been following and participating a bit at the facebook cck11 group. I also follow the diary's part that connects blog comments. And when I am able to attend, the chat at Elluminate sessions. But so far, I haven't find a place where profund, deep dialog is happening. What I've been experiencing is interesting, I get an idea here and there, but is not helping me to go deep in the concepts (not easy at all) of the couse. Bet they are other ... 2011-02-05T19:00:00 [Comment]

My experience so far
gabriela, redeflexiones, Jan 31, 2011
I skipped a week on publishing my thoughts, that’s because I have been having difficulties on organizing my time for “so much” to do in this course. So today’s reflection will go on my experience –so far- with the course and what I must do to keep in track. After orienting myself, I started on week 1 doing some personal study (one of the texts to read), writing my musings around it in here, and then, trying to search for the relationships. I wanted to do the network part. So ... 2011-01-31T20:57:00 [Comment]

Starting the CCK11 course!
gabriela, redeflexiones, Jan 18, 2011
[Well... seems this old blog -that I don't remember why I deleted- will be reused now... and at least for the next 12 weeks will probably be mainly in English.] I decided to enroll in the CCK course, and I am very excited :-) Bet in the context of the course is good to briefly present myself: My name is Gabriela. I am a teacher at Iteso University, a privatly held latinamerican jesuit U in Guadalajara, Mexico. My work in here has to do with technology and learning (that is why I am ... 2011-01-17T18:57:00 [Comment]

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