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#CCK11 Wrap up
Lars Was, eConnections, May 15, 2011
Unbelievable that it’s been more than a month since my last post. I committed to this thing and must admit that my promise wasn’t long lived. Well, I’ll try to revive my own blog. As this (school)year is coming to an end, I’m struggling to keep track of everything. It’s always such a busy period! [...] Sun, 15 May 2011 13:22:57 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Teach or Learn? Role of the Educator
Lars Was, eConnections, Apr 04, 2011
This is something that feels natural, but how does one implement it in his or her own classroom? How do you change your way of teaching, keeping in mind the current curriculum and system of education? How do you reform you own class, your own space in the limited time that is given you? I [...] Mon, 04 Apr 2011 12:32:45 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Openness
Lars Was, eConnections, Mar 28, 2011
Ahh! Freedom again, after a week of power and control… I found this subject to be very inspiring. It’s something that’s been on my mind for quite some time now. In my school we use a lot of books (off course) but also a lot of software for which one has to pay (Windows and [...] Mon, 28 Mar 2011 15:52:44 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 The Power of Me
Lars Was, eConnections, Mar 20, 2011
Power and authority, hmm, how does one tackle that subject? It’s a bit difficult to dream about total freedom. I guess that in any society, how free it may be, there will always be some form of leadership. Stuff people say that others agree on, decisions someone makes that affect others. I think part of [...] Sun, 20 Mar 2011 16:35:23 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 and Jazz – It just smells funny!
Lars Was, eConnections, Mar 07, 2011
What a week… Physically, I was on the verge of a breakdown. At school, things were very busy, tests to correct, presentations to review, meetings, etc. That combined with running on very low energy, I was yearning for this spring break! 1 week of Off-time! Wahoo! I decided to tone down my CCK11 work a [...] 2011-03-07T09:58:42 [Comment]

#CCK11 Personal Learning Environments & Open Educational Resources
Lars Was, eConnections, Feb 26, 2011
After a bussy week, I’m finally ready to write down my own thoughts about this theme. PLE’s are a very important way of learning, I think. This environment creates a space where you as a learner can self-create (as mentioned in the friday Elluminate session). Things appropriate for the learners needs. An attractive idea since [...] 2011-02-26T14:31:18 [Comment]

#CCK11 gRSShopper vs Moodle – Any thoughts?
Lars Was, eConnections, Feb 14, 2011
Sometime during the first sessions of CCK11 we talked about the absence of Moodle in this online course. George and Stephen emphasized that it was one of the key points of this version of CCK, that the independent nature of gRSShopper was important in the learningprocess. I too was one of those people who felt [...] 2011-02-14T19:08:47 [Comment]

#CCK11 Social Media in Education
Lars Was, eConnections, Feb 13, 2011
I’m still thinking about the presentation of Neil Selwyn last Wednesday. He gave a very interesting view on social media and how to use them in education. The biggest issue for me was that social media are good, but we cannot simply dismiss traditional education in favor of all sorts of new ways of teaching. [...] 2011-02-13T16:29:11 [Comment]

#CCK11 PLN vs Traditional Education
Lars Was, eConnections, Feb 08, 2011
This is a reply on Jaap’s post about PLN’s in Dutch education. First let me talk about my own Personal Learning Network, just like you did! I too use my blog, the Facebook group CCK11, Twitter #cck11, Diigo and a large number of RSS-feeds in my Reader to keep track of everything and off course [...] 2011-02-08T16:27:51 [Comment]

#CCK11 What makes Connectivism unique?
Lars Was, eConnections, Feb 07, 2011
An interesting question for this week. What is it that makes connectivism unique!? Well, for me it is one thing in particular. The natural way of doing things. I really believe that connectivism has a very biological way of being. Making connections is something that happens in nature everywhere! From the way we are build, [...] 2011-02-07T20:14:55 [Comment]

#CCK11 Connective Knowledge
Lars Was, eConnections, Feb 03, 2011
I just read Stephen’s paper (An Introduction on Connective Knowledge). An extensive text about the building blocks of connective knowledge. How knowledge exists and how it is influenced by us as human beings in a dynamic world. Throughout the reading I more and more got the feeling that not only knowledge but everything is “connected”. [...] 2011-02-03T21:05:21 [Comment]

#CCK11 Week 2
Lars Was, eConnections, Jan 30, 2011
I just listened to the recorded session from Friday (missed it, but will be back on Wednesday). An interesting contribution about the gRSShopper-system. The idea about the decentralization of the information is quite attractive. I too was one of the people who missed a moodle environment. Just like someone from the chatroom mentioned I’m scared [...] 2011-01-30T14:32:30 [Comment]

#CCK11 Digital Scholarship – Martin Weller
Lars Was, eConnections, Jan 27, 2011
I must say, after listening to the session again, I could finally make some sense of it! Skip Ward’s post about the distractions of the chatbox, certainly are true for me. I’m glad to have listened to it again. We started off by talking about blogs. What are the benefits of it, the properties? Blogging [...] 2011-01-27T21:32:35 [Comment]

CCK11 Week 1
Lars Was, eConnections, Jan 21, 2011
So, the first week has ended today, with the facilitators discussion on Eluminate. This first week was all about what connectivism is. Also finding out how this course works, meeting other people and insights (building your network) and reading the suggested list, we got to know the course and people in it a bit better… [...] 2011-01-22T01:51:10 [Comment]

What’s the evidence? #CCK11
larswas, eConnections, Jan 19, 2011
Connectivism and Connected Knowledge is half way through its first week. It’s so interesting to learn about new ways of teaching/learning. An interesting question today on Elluminate: What’s the evidence of the learningprocess when you use a connectivist way of teaching. How can you check if a student has acquired the knowledge you tried to [...] 2011-01-19T19:12:15 [Comment]

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