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Time goes by
, Pushing or Pulling?, Apr 19, 2011
CCK11 is over and it´s been an incredible experience. I´ve learnt about a multiplicity of subjects from neural networks to RSS feeds, from data mining to the use of OER´s, from various theories of learning to connectivism and I could go on and on. Apart from this I´ve attended outstanding presentations I wouldn´t be able to take part in,in a lifetime. Shared commentaries in the back channel, learned what it is like to listen to a talk and to follow a chat full of expert comments, in a ... 2011-04-18T19:09:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

CCK11 A pleasure
noreply@blogger.com (MIACambiasso), Pushing or Pulling?, Jan 18, 2011
Today I´m starting CCK11. Stephen and George are waving the magic wand again and starting a new CCK. Lots have gone on since they started, in the real world and in Elearning and in my microcosmos learning and knowledge wise especially since the world of Elearning opened up miraculously in front of my eyes. I´m eager to continue this path of constant change and development and open to new experiences and hours in front of the comp trying to make sense of a maze of new tools, texts, ... 2011-01-17T14:43:00 [Comment]

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