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University of Alberta Web Experience Survey Results
, Sparks & Flashes, May 06, 2011
Back in February, for about two weeks, we launched a web experience survey to current students, staff, faculty, prospective students, parents, alumni, donors and other members of the University of Alberta community. We had over 2,700 responses in that short time and over 200 folks also opted-in to our Feedback Forum where we will be showing ideas as we iterate for the community to give us their thoughts. I felt it was important to create a way for all members of a university community, ... 2011-05-06T16:26:00.001-06:00 [Comment]

Social Media Ideas for Professors
, Sparks & Flashes, Apr 05, 2011
Today I had a quick half-hour to talk to some of the professors in the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta about how they could leverage social media as a professor - both in the classroom and as a public subject matter expert. Of course, there are so many social media tools out there now so I limited myself to just a handful. Here is the presentation, which also gives an overview of the university social media accounts we are currently using at the University of Alberta. ... 2011-04-04T22:23:00.000-06:00 [Comment]

Chat Transcript from Week4 of #CCK11
J.G. Chesney, Sparks & Flashes, Feb 09, 2011
Although I haven't had time to be more engaged in #CCK11 the past three weeks as work and Internet activism have kept me hopping, I was finally able to attend live for the first time, the Wednesday Elluminate session. Neil Selwyn spoke on: "Social media and education: reasons to be fearful?" In the spirit of debate, I congratulate Neil on bringing to the table the articulation of viewpoints that certainly lead to much further discussion. I do feel that considering his points are ... 2011-02-09T18:40:00 [Comment]

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