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The transparent search for wisdom by exploring what is not yet known, aka ignorance. Online teacher and author willing to admit there is a lot she does not yet know. [HTML] [XML] Last Updated: 2011-07-08T10:13:14.720-0

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Teaching and learning come first
Kay Lehmann, Transparent Ignorance, Feb 23, 2011
Just a quick post... I have had a lot of big projects on my to-do list and #CCK11 took a big time backseat. I have some thoughts on why my first MOOC experience turned out this way and will share them in a day or two but first, a fun visual.I do a lot of work with the fine folks at ISTE as a project reviewer. Of late I have been steeped in the refreshed NETS-T (National Educational Technology 2011-02-24T00:12:00 [Comment]

Down the rabbit hole... CCK11 Day 3
Kay Lehmann, Transparent Ignorance, Jan 19, 2011
#CCK11 - Day 3Lewis Carroll's Alice and I seem to be having a shared experience. What was up is down, what was in is out... Or as she would say, "Curiouser and curiouser..." Connectivism and my ignorant brain are not yet... wellllll... connecting! Having joined today's Elluminate live session and hearing Stephen and George both explaining this theory using various metaphors was appreciated, but 2011-01-19T23:12:00 [Comment]

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