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LinkedIn Network Map - Week 2 of #cck11
, Connecting the Dots, Feb 04, 2011
My connections within LinkedIn are still quite limited. I used the site inmaps for LinkedIn Completing this map was fun, but i wish i had more connections in LinkedIN to see it in a complex network map. Next I would love to do it with my twitter friends of over 400. I would like to visualise my network and see how it fits in. There should be an application that does this. (I would love to know of a tool if anyone can help). I would then like to work out which parts of my network ... 2011-02-04T04:30:00 [Comment]

Storify - another curation tool
, Connecting the Dots, Feb 03, 2011
I have been continuing my search for curation tools to aid teachers to set up specific KLA Based Information sites for their students. Here is an example of one from Storify.    #cck11 Permalink | Leave a comment  » 2011-02-03T03:14:00 [Comment]

Playing the Curator with #cck11
, Connecting the Dots, Jan 24, 2011
Today I have been playing with 2 tools that may help to develop a network of aggregation for myself, others in this course, and The World in general. I hope you might add them to your RSS Reader / Aggregator and enjoy them too.   The first Tool: Page:  #cck11 allows yout o gather information on a topic, curate it and add it to a 'feeder page'. It looks a little different to that I have used before, so I am looking forward ... 2011-01-24T04:32:00 [Comment]

Readers - a key ingredient in the #cck11 and Connectivism mix
, Connecting the Dots, Jan 23, 2011
I love my reader, yep, I really do. It makes life efficient, it keeps me learning and it gives me new ideas. Since I set up my reader about 9 months ago, I find myself reading, learning and thinking more and more. What is a Reader? It is a way to make the internet work for you, to bring updates from your favourite sites, or interest areas to you. A way to make new connections and build new linkages in areas you may not have considered. Below is an awesome explanation by Google: ... 2011-01-23T02:58:00 [Comment]

Daily Newspaper for #cck11
, Connecting the Dots, Jan 21, 2011
I like the Web Tool called "". This tool makes a daily visual aggregate of a feed, hashtag or a username on Twitter; and creates a 'newspaper' with the topic given. I have never had a real reason to create one though, until now. I played with mone of my own Twitter unername (@pipcleaves), but i didn't find it useful. i want to make one that feed information to me, not just tells me what I have already read. I love the idea of a teacher having a variety of ... 2011-01-21T02:57:00 [Comment]

Why not Dive for Gold?
, Connecting the Dots, Jan 19, 2011
I have a bout 50 blogs in my reader. Everyday I therapeutically read, digest, think and reflect on what people from across the world have shared. Today a post on CogDogBlog called Diving for Gold held my meditative thoughts for a plane flight to and from country NSW. What it highlighted the most, was the need to use experts in as many ways as we can. Being new to many of these technologies, an educator will never be able to gain the depth of knowledge, nor the networks ... 2011-01-19T03:56:00 [Comment]

, Connecting the Dots, Jan 18, 2011
So begins another journey, another chance to learn what the future needs us to learn. This Blog has been set up to support the Connectivism and Connected Knowledge 2011 MOOC. Come and join me if you haven't already registered. Permalink | Leave a comment  » 2011-01-18T03:16:00 [Comment]

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