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Getting sorted
Judith Egger, base camp, Jan 31, 2011
OK, it's high time that I try and get sorted somehow. I've read a lot of stuff during the last two weeks or so and I think it would be useful to get some order into what I'm doing.What I've done up to now is browsing through cck11 material, like blogs of fellow participants, the reading material on the cck11 website, #cck11 tweets and so on. When I found a link, that I thought was interesting I followed it and often there were new interesting links, which I also ... 2011-01-31T10:42:00 [Comment]

Live Session
Judith Egger, base camp, Jan 19, 2011
We just had our first cck11 live session on Ellunimate. It was great! I've felt a bit overwhelmed for the last two or three days. Setting up this blog, subscribing to Twitter, reading the blogs of my fellow students, joining Diigo, trying everything on my IPad (not everything works), reading course material, surfing the web for "connectivism" and then the feeling - oh god I have to be more creative, I've actually got to produce stuff - it's all a bit much... But - that is my ... 2011-01-19T18:36:00 [Comment]

Just another blog
Judith Egger, base camp, Jan 18, 2011
So this is yet another blog. I’ve just read that there are about 152 million blogs on the Internet, so one more or less won’t make a big difference – except for me! I’ve signed up for a MOOC – a Massive Open Online Course – on Connectivism and Connective Knowledge. It “explores the concepts of connectivism and connective knowledge and explores their application as a framework for theories of teaching and learning.” This sounds perfect to me. I’ve always been interested in ... 2011-01-18T13:42:00 [Comment]

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