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What is the Best Way to Encourage Discussion on CCK11
, Learning How to Learn, Jan 19, 2011
On Monday, when the CCK11 started, I discovered that we would not be using the MOODLE as a method for centralizing our discussion(s). The news came via a Tweet: So I started this discussion on Quora to figure out what is the best way to encourage discussion on CCK11. I posted the link on Delicious and got a few replies. Then the next day I noticed that we now have discussion threads on the main page of the CCK11 course - here is the link for the threads So… I guess.. having a central ... 2011-01-18T12:55:45 [Comment]

CCK11 (Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Online Course) - it...
, Learning How to Learn, Jan 19, 2011
CCK11 (Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Online Course) - it starts this week. start your engines! This blog is dedicated for my reflections and considerations during the CCK11 course. More to come. 2011-01-18T11:50:11 [Comment]

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