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Diigo group and Pearltree for CCK11
Chris Jobling, Fresh and Crispy, Jan 19, 2011
A couple of small things:  I've created an open public Diigo group for Connectivism and Connected Knowledge 2011 which you can use to share useful bookmarks ( and a team Pearltree ( I won't have much time to contribute to CCK11, but I'm hoping that my network will help me by curating the must see resources that I might not have time to 2011-01-19T12:33:00 [Comment]

Chris Jobling, Fresh and Crispy, Jan 19, 2011
Just read Stephen Downes' article on the Huffington Post that announces that registration for Connectivsm and Connective Knowledge 2011 (cck11) -- starting 17th January -- is open. I definitely won't have the personal resource to do much there, but it'll be interesting nonetheless. 2011-01-07T16:57:00 [Comment]

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