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CCK11 – Scholarship
ruthsexstone, rEflections, Jan 31, 2011
Martin Weller’s live presentation last week generated a lot of discussion regarding the nature and definition of scholarship and how scholarship is changed or needs to be redefined for the digital age. The questions that arose in the Martin Weller chat showed there was a lot of unclarity as to defining and recognising a ‘scholar’: [...] 2011-01-31T14:55:07 [Comment]

CCK11 – Is there anybody out there?
ruthsexstone, rEflections, Jan 20, 2011 This post is in response to a comment in the ‘Sample Link Post’ on 19th Jan about how the comment format “decentralizes the discussions”. This very thought occurred to me today as I cycled to work. Whilst the benefits cited in this comment are valid: that it is difficult for any one individual to [...] 2011-01-20T21:43:51 [Comment]

Review of 4 Learning Theories – CCK11
ruthsexstone, rEflections, Jan 19, 2011 Saw this from Linns feed in the CCK Daily Newsletter. A nice concise overview! Not sure how to actually ‘embed’ the file, rather than just give the link 2011-01-19T13:55:18 [Comment]

CCK11 – Blowing in the wind?
ruthsexstone, rEflections, Jan 19, 2011 I must admit that I do share other CCK11ers anxieties about being overwhelmed with information on this course and how to find a way through it. This can partly be solved by trying to establish some clear objectives for myself – but surely that is only part of this learning process. I have started [...] 2011-01-19T11:49:12 [Comment]

CCK11 – A New Dawn
ruthsexstone, rEflections, Jan 19, 2011
I like to try to add a photo to each of my blog posts and I’ve just realised that I missed the perfect opportunity today. This morning I tweeted the fact that I was greeted by a beautiful red sky in London due to the fact that I had got to work extra early to [...] 2011-01-19T10:35:30 [Comment]

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