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CCK11 Week 3 Notes
kristibroom, Learning About Learning, Feb 02, 2011
This week I find myself with more questions than answers, more confusion than understanding. I’ll start with a full admission that I did not make it through the readings this week, and likely won’t return to them. Instead, I’ve been reading A New Culture of Learning by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown, who also [...] 2011-02-02T23:47:28 [Comment]

CCK11 Week 2 Thoughts and Notes
kristibroom, Learning About Learning, Jan 30, 2011
After all the best intentions for participation, it was a busy week last week, and CCK11 took a necessary back seat. Over the 12 weeks of the course, I’m sure this will happen again, so maybe that is motivation for deeper participation during the rest of the weeks. Despite the busy-ness, I read the readings, [...] 2011-01-30T21:46:34 [Comment]

Notes and Reflections on CCK11 Week 1
kristibroom, Learning About Learning, Jan 21, 2011
The first week of CCK11 was a foundational week, to understand how the course will work, set some targets, and build a foundation for Connectivism. In this post, I’ve selected some key points from various resources in an attempt to make sense for myself. I welcome any feedback or corrections. One of the distinguishing characteristics [...] 2011-01-21T21:04:31 [Comment]

Strategies for Success
kristibroom, Learning About Learning, Jan 20, 2011
Yesterday, I shared my goals for CCK11. I’ve got one to add: 6. Stay ahead of the readings! Last year, I spent the week (and weekends) playing catch up with the readings, which deprived me of rich understanding of the sessions, and the discussions. I don’t remember if previous courses had the readings published in [...] 2011-01-20T22:27:20 [Comment]

kristibroom, Learning About Learning, Jan 19, 2011
CCK11 kicked off this week. I’m excited to start another 12 weeks of intense learning, interaction, confusion and connections. Although I registered for CCK11 a couple weeks ago, it was only yesterday that I finally decided to really join. This is my third MOOC, and while I love learning about this cutting-edge format for learning, [...] 2011-01-20T01:16:53 [Comment]

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