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#EduMOOC Openness
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Jul 08, 2011
This is my first post relating to EduMOOC. I watched Erik Duval’s video presentation on openness with interests. Here are my takeaways and comments: Erik’s approach towards openness in his University teaching relates to the use of social media and … Continue reading → Fri, 08 Jul 2011 06:29:15 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Problem based learning and Socratic Dialogue
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, May 26, 2011
Thanks to Irmeli in referring to this Socratic Dialogue Kristof elaborates: What is the role of the facilitator? I personally hold to three rules in Socratic dialogue : 1. Say what you want to say, also about the conversation as … Continue reading → Mon, 23 May 2011 23:46:25 +0000 [Comment]

Self-directed or network-directed learning?
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, May 02, 2011
“learners need to be network-directed, not self-directed learners.” George posted Why can’t learners be self-directed? Self-directed learners could rely on networks to learn, however, they must also need to make their own decisions on learning, based on critical thinking and reflection. In other words, … Continue reading → Tue, 03 May 2011 03:15:11 +0000 [Comment]

Networked Learning with personal autonomy
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Apr 30, 2011
Here is my response to Leahgrrl, CCK11: Institutional and/versus networked learning A wonderful reflection. I particularly like her approach of "cracking" the myths about networked learning within an institutional setting, where we might have experienced at schools, colleges or universities, in … Continue reading → Sun, 01 May 2011 03:08:42 +0000 [Comment]

Self directed learning and learning theories
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Apr 27, 2011
Do we assume that learning is an individual phenomena?… a social construction?… a network phenomena? Thanks to Mary’s questions. All are assumed, as a matter of choice for self-directed learners. It depends on what higher order learning means for the … Continue reading → Wed, 27 Apr 2011 22:55:53 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 My AHA moment
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Apr 21, 2011
I came across this interesting post on social media and social networks, and my reaction is: Aha! Social Media relate to strategies and Social Networks relate to people. Social media is about changing people's perceptions of products so they buy more.  … Continue reading → Fri, 22 Apr 2011 00:45:05 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Challenges of Networked Learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Apr 20, 2011
Clay Shirky’s video here sums it well on the cognitive surplus and range of creativity, in that “doing something is different from doing nothing”. He explains how widespread education coupled with 21st century technology has enabled what he terms “cognitive … Continue reading → Wed, 20 Apr 2011 15:31:02 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 What is the value of memory?
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Apr 13, 2011
I enjoyed reading Donald’s post relating to Tony Buzan: True or False. To me, good memory could be good for good things, but bad for remembering the traumas, conflicts, the wars, if nothing is learnt through such moments, leaving the … Continue reading → Wed, 13 Apr 2011 06:50:15 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 A summary post of participation and engagement in CCK11 MOOC
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Apr 04, 2011
Here I would like to reflect on the participation and engagement in CCK11 MOOC. I think we often made assumptions about learning in a networked learning environment. To what extent are those assumptions true in an open complex learning ecology? … Continue reading → Mon, 04 Apr 2011 03:44:46 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 We are the MEMES Carriers
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Apr 03, 2011
This post on How to steal like an artist and 9 other things nobody told me by Austin provides a fresh perspective on the artistic ways of living and working and creative ways of looking at different things – through … Continue reading → Mon, 04 Apr 2011 01:07:07 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Connectivist Learning and its future
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Apr 01, 2011
This post by Debbie http://rethinkinglearning.blogspot.com/2011/03/never-stop-dancing.html and this post by Jaaphttp://connectiv.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/the-most-important-lessons-cck11/ shared some common themes. I think it is important to retain and respect individual autonomy and independent thinking, whilst connecting with networks and groups. A critical thinking mindset together with collaborative … Continue reading → Fri, 01 Apr 2011 23:58:26 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Changing views and systems
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Apr 01, 2011
I think this coming week’s topic on Changing views, changing systems would sum up WHY Connectivism is important for the present and future education and learning. Readings George Siemens, New structures and spaces of learning: The systemic impact of connective … Continue reading → Fri, 01 Apr 2011 13:28:15 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 The intelligent and dark sides of blogging
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 29, 2011
In this presentation by James Surowiecki James poses 3 questions 1. What motivate people to blog? 2. Do blogs have genuine access to collective intelligence? 3. What are the dark sides of blogs? Whilst his story about tsunami is still … Continue reading → Tue, 29 Mar 2011 03:34:49 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Openness in Higher Education
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 27, 2011
I enjoyed reading this Revolutions in higher education: how many dimensions of openness? by Sir John Daniel, which was referred by Stephen Downes (see his post too). Here Sir John highlights: Openness and inclusivity on one hand and hierarchy and … Continue reading → Sun, 27 Mar 2011 14:28:13 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Openness in Education, Knowledge and Learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 27, 2011
This  video tells the story What are the characteristics of the best education institutions in the world? Who would take the lead in providing the best education that suits their people? Will it be those universities which could leverage the … Continue reading → Sun, 27 Mar 2011 05:19:32 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Research articles on Connectivism
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 26, 2011
Refer to This Special Issue – Connectivism : Design and Delivery of Social Networked Learning Research Articles Interconnecting networks of practice for professional learning HTML PDF MP3 EPUB Julie Mackey, Terry Evans 1-18 The challenges to connectivist learning on open … Continue reading → Sat, 26 Mar 2011 05:23:17 +0000 [Comment]

Classroom teaching with technology
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 24, 2011
Here is an excellent example of a class wiki by Shelley Wright Great post. Fri, 25 Mar 2011 00:51:32 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Expansionist Learning, Situated Learning, COP & Connectivist Learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 24, 2011
An Introduction to Activity Theory by Ian Robertson Activity Theory is a powerful tool through which various stakeholders can engage in description and analysis using a common language that moves beyond individual or group preferences.  Where members of the relevant … Continue reading → Thu, 24 Mar 2011 23:03:05 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 My experience with Connectivism and Networked Learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 24, 2011
Relating to previous post on Competence and Capacity Model Here is my learning: And Critical Thinking Thu, 24 Mar 2011 09:51:12 +0000 [Comment]

Competence and Capability Model
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 24, 2011
Interesting to learn about this competence model. Picture: From the above post and That is a wonderful model to start with, assessing the performance integrated into the Practice at work at a “does” level.  I think it aligns with the … Continue reading → Thu, 24 Mar 2011 04:12:57 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Seeing is believing – learning with technology
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 23, 2011
Are you amazed by these videos?  Thanks to my beloved sister for the links. Here is the making of Batelco INFINITY in Vimeo. In reflection, the connection with the world of networks and technology opens up new fronts to learning. … Continue reading → Wed, 23 Mar 2011 14:21:03 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Networked Learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 22, 2011
Referring to my previous post on reflection, so if we (CCK) is not yet a Community of Practice, would CCK be just a network?  Or…. Would we be coming at an intersection between Community of Practice (COP) and Networks of … Continue reading → Tue, 22 Mar 2011 15:32:23 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Reflection of participation, engagement and interaction in MOOC
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 20, 2011
Interesting comment by LTA Burble on this blog about distance learning and connectivism.  Thanks to Ken for the reference. I have just read Jenny’s comments there: “There seems to be a natural tendency for most people to seek out groups and communities. … Continue reading → Sun, 20 Mar 2011 11:30:19 +0000 [Comment]

suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 18, 2011
I am reflecting on my understanding of knowledge based on this post Knowledge today is complex, ever changing, and information is overabundant. Knowledge no longer resides in a single place, in a brain, in one person or a cadre of … Continue reading → Fri, 18 Mar 2011 05:16:19 +0000 [Comment]

Distributed Learning Online
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 16, 2011
Here is Stephen’s slideshare: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 12:15:48 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 On e-learning, research and PLE
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 15, 2011
My response to Tony’s post on e-learning and its challenges. My comments in italics Hi Tony and others, I have posted here on suggested Assumptions Theory. Here I would like to share my views: 1.The development of a clear and … Continue reading → Tue, 15 Mar 2011 03:21:38 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Moodle, gRSShopper or Blog
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 15, 2011
Just read the comments by Ken here in Lindsay Jordon's posthttp://lindsayjordan.edublogs.org/2011/03/13/cck11-oppression-freedom-and-control-of-the-learning-experience/ Moodle, gRSShopper, or Facebook, or other forum postings, which is a better one for "aggregating" the discussions as compared with Blogs, or Group Blogs? For some, Moodle, for others, … Continue reading → Tue, 15 Mar 2011 01:45:08 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Power, Accountability underpinning Networked Learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 15, 2011
Here is a post relating to Power Law or the Pareto Principle of 80-20. Clay Shirky – The Pareto Principle – “unfairness” is a law. You see the pattern everywhere: the top 1% of the population control 35% of the … Continue reading → Mon, 14 Mar 2011 23:41:14 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 A Connectivist Approach to Support Learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 12, 2011
Here is my response to a post and this post on What would you do in CCK11 Discussion Thread. Hi Veronica, I think Stephen has provided an extremely wise advice to your case. Alan has also elaborated on further ways of … Continue reading → 2011-03-12T10:34:13 [Comment]

#CCK11 Social Networking and Online learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 12, 2011
Here is an interview about “the dumpest generation”. Thanks to George for the link. Worthy to reflect on the significance and implications of overly absorption with the social media by the younger generation.  What are their interests?  Do they exhibit … Continue reading → 2011-03-12T09:29:46 [Comment]

#CCK11 Touch Graph
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 10, 2011
Enjoy and try this Touch Graph 2011-03-10T12:52:49 [Comment]

#CCK11 How to explain Connectivism, MOOC and PLE/PLN?
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 10, 2011
How to explain connectivism, MOOC, and PLE/PLN in the simplest way? How about this? Connectivism,  MOOC, Personal Learning Environment and Personal Learning Networks Simple? Just Google it Have fun. Ahh My family? My dog, me and my horse… With the duck versus … Continue reading → 2011-03-10T12:22:44 [Comment]

#CCK11 On relational and relationship learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 09, 2011
Relational learning, (referred to by Lindsay Jordan), is an interesting concept in learning that I would like to review here. Meanwhile, nearly all teachers live in fear of losing control of the classroom; hence, the desks all in rows, the … Continue reading → 2011-03-10T02:39:12 [Comment]

#CCK11 Future of Education and Digital Scholarship
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 09, 2011
Here is The Tower and The Cloud p43: What is, and what should be the university’s commitment to the widespread dissemination of scholarship, particularly that created by its own faculty? p45. Is the dissemination of scholarship, then a fundamental part … Continue reading → 2011-03-10T02:03:14 [Comment]

#CCK11 If it is easy, everyone is doing it
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 08, 2011
I enjoy watching this video Is the deepest learning about research in universities? Great to learn in University. If it is easy, everyone is doing it. Is everyone doing social networking? If no, is it easy?  If social networking is … Continue reading → 2011-03-08T22:48:11 [Comment]

#CCK11 Network patterns, social networks and their impact on institutions
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 08, 2011
Relating to the sort of networks which are more resistant to cascade phenomena and are more sustainable, I would like to refer to this by Alan here on  Connectivist Theory: “The particular virtue suggested by Stephen is that a distributed network may … Continue reading → 2011-03-08T03:43:57 [Comment]

#CCK11 Friday session on CAS and Networks
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 06, 2011
After listening to last Friday’s Ellumination Session here I found some interesting ideas and concepts discussed there. My comments or addition in italics. I couldn’t attend the session as it was held at 4:00 am at my end.  So I … Continue reading → 2011-03-06T13:30:26 [Comment]

#CCK11 On Participation and contribution in the networks
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 06, 2011
Thanks to Heli for the link on this Interesting. Motivating participation by displaying the value of contribution [PDF] from psu.eduAM Rashid, K Ling, RD Tassone… – Proceedings of the …, 2006 – portal.acm.org This explains: motivating participation by displaying the … Continue reading → 2011-03-06T10:19:29 [Comment]

#CCK11 PLE and PLN
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 06, 2011
Damoclarky’s post on PLE and PLN: Great analysis. Spot on.  I have also blogged about the learning and Teaching for Quality Learning at University, written by John Biggs.  Lindsay also shared her views here.  And I came to similar conclusions as … Continue reading → 2011-03-06T06:59:53 [Comment]

#CCK11 Complexity of Knowledge and Learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 06, 2011
Wonderfully said in this post on complexity of knowledge by Keith.  I think those are the concepts behind more “complex learning” where ideas shared in the conversation are interpreted differently due to our different experiences, skills and perceptions of the … Continue reading → 2011-03-06T06:18:52 [Comment]

#CCK11 My views on Community of Practice and Situated Learning
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 06, 2011
More ideas about Community of Practice (COP) and Situated Learning Theory: 1. The concepts of COPs are quite similar to Quality Circles or Quality Improvement Teams as used in industry and services in the 60s – 90s, first in Japan, … Continue reading → 2011-03-06T04:42:32 [Comment]

#CCK11 Mesh Networks and Communities of Practice
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 06, 2011
Relating to the networks configuration, here is an article on COP by Etienne C. Wenger and William M. Snyder [PDF] Communities of practice: The organizational frontier [PDF] from itu.dk Wenger and Snyder writes: The participants in these communities were learning … Continue reading → 2011-03-06T02:46:23 [Comment]

#CCK11 On PLE and Complexity Theory
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 04, 2011
Lindsay Jordan comments here that the most productive state to be in is at the edge of chaos – where variety and creativity rub shoulders with competition and co-operation.  I have been on this state of the edge of chaos since … Continue reading → 2011-03-05T01:44:58 [Comment]

#CCK11 Re-thinking traditional course structure and roles of educators, and education
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 04, 2011
Is this post on re-thinking traditional course structure- actually going to class challenging enough? In an era when students can easily grab material online, including lectures by gifted speakers in every field, a learning environment that avoids courses completely—or seriously … Continue reading → 2011-03-04T23:19:12 [Comment]

#CCK11 Educator’s Role in an online-learning course or network
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 04, 2011
Here is a post by Michelle Everson on instructor’s role in online discussion, she says: I can clarify subjects that are confusing for students or provide them with other examples to ponder. I can share some of my own thoughts … Continue reading → 2011-03-04T15:05:29 [Comment]

#CCK11 Acculturation and Enculturation
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 04, 2011
After reading the post here by Jaap and here by AK about language and cultural barrier that may exist when connecting and learning with others who are coming from different cultural backgrounds, I do think there are many implications when interacting, … Continue reading → 2011-03-04T13:56:04 [Comment]

#CCK11 The flow of Connectivism
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 03, 2011
This is a post* I created in CCK09. Does it look familiar in CCK2011?  Have I been able to see some patterns.  There are some changes here in CCK11. May be this time, the Moodle forum is gone.  The participants … Continue reading → 2011-03-03T03:46:32 [Comment]

#CCK11 What’s in teaching and learning?
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 02, 2011
I read this post by Maryellen with great interests - Great Expectations: Helping Students Take Responsibility for Learning By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD in Teaching Professor Blog What are the points that I would like to make? But I also read … Continue reading → 2011-03-02T14:12:38 [Comment]

#CCK11 #PLEK12 Digital identity as key competency
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 01, 2011
Enjoy this Here is my view on social presence 2011-03-02T01:41:42 [Comment]

#CCK11 The cyborgs
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog, Mar 01, 2011
Thanks to Ken for his reference to this e-textbooks on the rise.  Isn’t it the birth of another open OER? Internet gave birth to OER, and OER gave birth to Web 2.0, then 3.0, 4.0… What will Web x.0 give … Continue reading → 2011-03-01T22:56:08 [Comment]

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