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"To learn, you must create" — Stephen Downes [HTML] [XML] Last Updated: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:07:59

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Defining success #CCK11
suzgupta, Neurons Reaching Out, Jan 24, 2011
I will count the time I spend on this course a success if I … come away with new ideas about where I might contribute to the huge field of “education” play with as many new tools as possible (succeeding, right here right now!) gain insight into how to create better online learning experiences It [...] 2011-01-20T03:00:12 [Comment]

Starting out #CCK11
suzgupta, Neurons Reaching Out, Jan 24, 2011
Welcome, Netizens, to my most recent (ahem, my first active) blog. Here I will respond to the lectures, readings, videos, whatever resources Downes and Siemens throw at us as I ponder what connectivism and connected knowledge mean to me as an educator. I start this in response to the Week 1 activities listed in our [...] 2011-01-19T22:52:32 [Comment]

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