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Community vs. network
Wolfgang Greller, Reflections on the Knowledge Society, Mar 29, 2011
What’s a community and what’s a network? These terms are quite closely connected and almost synonyms of one another. We talk about the developer community and learning networks often, but it is actually quite tricky to distinguish between them. So I’ve come up with a contrastive definition, which works for me: A community is a [...] Tue, 29 Mar 2011 13:51:30 +0000 [Comment]

Actor Network Theory: a short critique
Wolfgang Greller, Reflections on the Knowledge Society, Feb 17, 2011
A bit belated perhaps, but I now got round catching up a bit on readings and activities in CCK11. One of the topics was Actor Network Theory (ANT). I read the books, I saw the movie, but I still don’t get the point. The only value I see in ANT is as a sociological perspective [...] 2011-02-17T19:47:29 [Comment]

Summative evaluation of MOOCs
Wolfgang Greller, Reflections on the Knowledge Society, Feb 13, 2011
I decided to do this summative view on MOOCs early, so it can still be part of the LAK11 course which now enters its final week. My impressions are based on LAK11 and CCK11. The good things first: I really benefitted from the course. The keynotes and peer interactions were superbly enriching, thought provoking, and [...] 2011-02-13T12:22:56 [Comment]

The webconferencing challenge of the MOOC
Wolfgang Greller, Reflections on the Knowledge Society, Feb 10, 2011
People argue whether multi-tasking is a myth or not. All I am certain of is that I’m no good at it. From what I gather in discussions like this, most other people feel the same way. Our live MOOC presentations in CCK11 and LAK11 contain splendid food for thought, but I only get some junks [...] 2011-02-10T14:17:21 [Comment]

Is there such a thing as digital scholarship?
Wolfgang Greller, Reflections on the Knowledge Society, Jan 26, 2011
Around Martin Weller’s talk on the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course (CCK11) an interesting debate arose on what ‘scholarship’ means. As always, people followed the typical rituals to find a narrow definition for the term. And, also like always, the term kept evading any pinning down. I have done this exercise in a previous life [...] 2011-01-26T21:14:34 [Comment]

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