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Generic PLE Rev.2 (Guillaume Janssen), knowledge remix, Mar 06, 2011
This is an update of a generic PLE model I generated in 2009.  It is relating information needs to a selection of web-based tools for the most part.  While there are literally thousands of tools available, I only used examples from Jane Hart’s yearly top 100 tools for e-learning to illustrate the model. The 2009 model included 100 tools from the 2009 list to which I had ... 2011-03-06T15:50:00 [Comment]

The end of the line (Guillaume Janssen), knowledge remix, Feb 15, 2011
The words “rhizome” and “rhizomatic knowledge” came up a lot in week 3 of the course.  Last year, it is though Dave Cormier’s blog that I first came across of this idea of rhizomatic knowledge in education, a metaphor which comes from the work of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari.  I have since come across this metaphor applied to other domains, but in most cases, it is used to describe  the organization of knowledge, it is more ... 2011-02-15T10:25:00 [Comment]

Networks vs Hierarchies (Guillaume Janssen), knowledge remix, Feb 02, 2011
I have been reading a lot about connectivism over the last two years and most articles or posts are generally concerned with connectivism as a learning theory which is then compared and contrasted with other –isms.  Connectivism is however radically different when one realises how much it is rooted in network theory and how much it challenges existing structures and hierarchies in organisations.“Viewing learning and knowledge as network phenomena ... 2011-02-02T11:18:00 [Comment]

The healthy confusion of CCK11 (Guillaume Janssen), knowledge remix, Jan 24, 2011
I am joining the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011 course offered by George Siemens and Stephen Downes (#CCK11) which is already into its second week.  This will be my first connectivist course but my second MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) since I took part in PLENK2010.  My objective for PLENK2010 was to try to understand the dynamics of networked learning in an “open, participatory and distributed ... 2011-01-24T23:33:00 [Comment]

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