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#cck11: Oppression, Freedom, and Control of the Learning Experience
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Mar 13, 2011
Some great reading this week; some of my students have gleaned inspiration from Friere's work and referred to it in their assignments, but until this week I hadn't engaged with it myself that much. Ideas on freedom and oppression arise in many strands of pedagogic theory and there was much here that I was already [...] Sun, 13 Mar 2011 22:51:26 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11: The simple life and the edge of chaos
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Mar 04, 2011
I’ve hidden myself away from the world this week; I printed off a load of the readings on complexity theory and enjoyed being Keith Hamon’s ‘starving poet scribbling away in his lonely garret, plumbing the depths of the human soul in solitary obscurity’. Did you miss me…? No…?! My cat died a week ago ( She [...] 2011-03-04T13:51:13 [Comment]

cck11: Applying connectivism through concept mapping
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Feb 22, 2011
A few days ago I wrote down some practical thoughts on what connectivism might bring to the way I teach and the way my students learn. As a result, I did a concept mapping activity with both my tutor groups last week. They are currently starting small-scale teaching development projects of their own, and a common [...] 2011-02-22T11:00:52 [Comment]

#cck11 week 4: Applying Actor-Network Theory
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Feb 15, 2011
I’m on a high after two days working with a small group of staff and PhD students on the Developing Educational Practice course we run at UAL. It’s like a crash course in the context and purpose of Higher Education and some key pedagogical themes and theories. I feel one of the strengths of the [...] 2011-02-15T21:55:46 [Comment]

#cck11: Teaching Teaching the Connectivist Way
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Feb 13, 2011
Inspired by Thomas Baker’s blog, in which he begins to explore some practical implications of the connectivist perspective, here are some initial thoughts about how I feel Connectivism might have an impact on my own teaching practice. I work with Art & Design teachers at postgraduate level; mostly those who are working towards their PG Cert [...] 2011-02-13T21:56:09 [Comment]

#cck11 Week 4: Waddayawannaknow? I dunno.
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Feb 11, 2011
I watched and listened to about two-thirds of Neil Selwyn’s session from earlier today before I lost the sound on my Macbook. I checked out the geek forums and it’s not looking good. I feel paralysed; unable to access crucial content and have a share in one of the key experiences of the course. It’s [...] 2011-02-11T22:46:12 [Comment]

#cck11: Thinking about Frames
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Jan 27, 2011
So it’s Week 2 of CCK11 and I’m thinking about Frames (which seem pretty much the same thing as ‘context’ – am I right?). I really enjoyed George Lakoff’s talk – not just because of his magnificent beard, which I am incredibly envious of – and have started watching the full-length version. I’m valuing my [...] 2011-01-27T09:07:47 [Comment]

#cck11: My aims for CCK11… and Dr Evil’s cunning connectivist plan
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Jan 24, 2011
I suppose there is a risk of this all getting a bit *circular* – being on a connectivist course about connectivism. There are two complementary routes to achieving the learning outcomes; engaging with the content and artefacts about connectivism and reflecting on the connectivist learning experience itself. Does this complicate matters? Would it be better [...] 2011-01-14T11:26:32 [Comment]

#cck11: Language and logic
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Jan 24, 2011
In ‘What Connectivism Is’, Stephen Downes says that connectivism is different from other theories of learning in not being ‘grounded in language and logic’. I think I understand what he means when he says the properties and constraints of linguistic structures are not the properties and constraints of connectivism. But it never occurred to me [...] 2011-01-12T21:22:20 [Comment]

#cck11: Connectivism and Social Constructivism – what’s the difference?
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Jan 24, 2011
So what distinguishes a connectivist perspective from social constructivism? The difference is fairly subtle. As far as I can see, connectivism resonates with similar principles as social constructivism does, but acknowledges a greater degree of complexity in the nature of knowledge and learning, enabled by advances in technology. George Siemens defines ‘complex’ phenomena as different from [...] 2011-01-07T21:37:14 [Comment]

#cck11: Excavating some learning trends
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Jan 24, 2011
I’m happy to say that, having read through Connectivism; a Learning Theory for the Digital Age a couple of times, the connectivist perspective – what it is, what it isn’t – is becoming clearer to me. One key question I had after watching the video was how connectivism differs from the social constructivist perspective. The [...] 2011-01-07T15:50:05 [Comment]

#plenk2010: Complicated like an aeroplane? Or complex like the weather?
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz, Jan 24, 2011
Getting a head start on CCK11 Week 1: Connectivism with some thoughts about Richard Schwier’s video interview with George Siemens: I *think* what George was saying was that connectivism is a perspective of knowledge as existing in connections, with learning as the navigation of the connections that open doors to new knowledge. I like the emphasis [...] 2011-01-05T22:07:40 [Comment]

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