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Week 4: concept map iteration 3
EML Tech, Search results in Emerging Technologies, Feb 10, 2011
So this is only the second "published" version of my concept map for the course, though there was an iteration in between:My current interest in the role of constraints has made it in, I also added the rhizome, and want to explore further if it is consistent with the network metaphor. I removed the orangeness of ideology, since obviously Connectivism has an ideological axe to grind; just like behaviourism, humanist learning theories, evolutionary biology, particle physic, etc. They ... 2011-02-10T16:43:53 [Comment]

Rhizomes, metaphor utility, constraints
EML Tech, Search results in Emerging Technologies, Feb 07, 2011
I have a few thoughts after reading much and thinking about the material we covered last week in CCK11:Rhizomatic knowledge seems a generally good fit for describing connective knowledge and the types of networks valued by connectivists. They represent open, decentrailized, desegregated, and dis-integrated entities. Deleuze and Guattari use the concept to abolish limits and express an infinite range of possibility and combination. The rhizome is also a "natural" metaphor and ... 2011-02-07T16:22:00 [Comment]

Week 2: Concept Map 1: exciting ideas and concerns
EML Tech, Search results in Emerging Technologies, Jan 26, 2011
so here is the first iteration of my concept map for cck11:In it you can see where my mind is at namely metaphors in general in connectivism and surrounding flow in particular. I still have trouble with the notion that knowledge exists only in connections. I accept that knowledge is only observable in connected states, and I think I can accept that learning as an act involves connection and "messaging" (regardless of whether the meaning is inherent or interpreted from the message). ... 2011-01-26T18:09:24 [Comment]

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