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This blog is an online diary to assist me in navigating through my journey of learning about online tools. The information that I am collecting is directing me to more & more (& then some more) technologies, tools & techniques that I will be able to use as an online facilitator. [HTML] [XML] Last Updated: 2011-07-29T18:49:53.427+1

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Joining mobiMOOC to share m-learning hints and techniques
, Kim's thinking, Apr 03, 2011
Silver spring by KatmereSo here I go again, into another MOOC. PLENK raised my awareness about my learning journey, CCK11 sent my head into a spin, but I think mobiMOOC will be a platform for sharing ideas about m-learning. Why am I keen to be involved? I am most recently the proud owner of an iphone 4. I was uncertain (for months) about making the 'financial' commitment but when my 'old' (very old) phone failed me several times over, I had no choice but to move ... 2011-04-03T20:29:00.000+10:00 [Comment]

Out of week 1 into week 2 (Kim Mc), Kim's thinking, Jan 25, 2011
I surprised myself by attending Friday's CCK11 live Elluminate session (Sat morn 4am), I am finding that I am getting a lot from joining live. I might even type a comment in the chat roll one day. There was some great discussion and a couple of points that I want to pick up in this blog (blue text) over the next few entries/posts. Nina asked Can we apply connectivism in non-technology enviroments? This again made me consider my perspective of connectivist learning as the method ... 2011-01-25T11:33:00 [Comment]

Finding Waldo, I think he is on the back of a Turtle - The truth is out there (Kim Mc), Kim's thinking, Jan 24, 2011
I attended the first CCK11 session this morn (4am Sydney time) and was encouraged to hear that confusion is all part of the process (that's the way I am interpretting it anyway), so I have started off on the right foot. Another point I took from the session... My "distinct perspective" will develop according to the sources (blog posts and references) I select (to read) and the topics that I choose to "curate" I learned about turtles So I have a clear perspective on what I want to ... 2011-01-19T18:25:00 [Comment]

Starting Out on CCK11 (Kim Mc), Kim's thinking, Jan 24, 2011
The decision has been made to commit myself to completing CCK2011, from January 11th. I look at the commitment I have made to my own self-directed learning, which has not progressed as speedily as I would have hoped, but that's okay. So now I am committing to CCK11 and returning to work in a few weeks. Am I setting myself up for failure...I don't believe so, simply because any amount of 'effort/output' that I put into CCK11 will measure how much I get out of it. The ... 2011-01-09T10:50:00 [Comment]

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