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Pingback in #CCK11
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Mar 22, 2011
Jaap has referred to pingback in his latest post (which also touches on  many other interesting points), and I would like to see further discussion of the extent to which pingback (and trackback) meet the needs for support of a distributed networked conversation. While it seems to me that the basic structure provided by pingback/trackback [...] Tue, 22 Mar 2011 18:19:42 +0000 [Comment]

#CCK11 Tech Support
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Mar 11, 2011
Rose Heaney asked in the cck11 Facebook group about how to ask a question about course tools and structure. I would be inclined to say “start a discussion topic on Stephen’s gRSShopper site”, but the only way I know of to do that is to write a blog post and then comment on the reference to [...] 2011-03-11T05:10:59 [Comment]

Relational Learning — Say What?
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Mar 08, 2011
Lindsay Jordan just posted this to the cck11 Facebook group, and I am really glad she did. The piece just sings for me. It both realizes and humanizes the subject and opens me up from the dry pseudo-theory that I am often perversely so attracted to. 2011-03-08T18:54:15 [Comment]

Progress and Learning in cck11
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Mar 07, 2011
According to Stephen, if I achieve the following (conventional) standards of success: - fluency with and use of a certain vocabulary - exposure to and familiarity with a standard body of literature - conduct of enquiry in a generally accepted form of discourse - acceptance of an underlying set of principles then I will have [...] 2011-03-07T22:04:37 [Comment]

#CCK11 #PLEK12 Digital identity as key competency | Learner Weblog
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Mar 06, 2011
This post by John Mack is also relevant to the #CritLit2010 course that ran last summer. 2011-03-06T07:38:26 [Comment]

In Defense of Ideology
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Mar 02, 2011
Some participants in #CCK11 seem to take offense at the use of the term “ideology” to describe connectivism. But I think they are mistaken. In fact I think there’s nothing derogatory about it, and regardless of whether or not I am right about their status as scientific theories, I will be very surprised if most [...] 2011-03-02T09:47:41 [Comment]

#PLENK2010 in #CCK11
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Feb 27, 2011
In this post I want to collect some links to personal learning issues and tools which I will probably also cover more fully in my PLENK site. (Week 6 of the cck course could be considered as a quick recap of the plenk one.) I expect it to grow over time as I will add [...] 2011-02-27T22:42:48 [Comment]

alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Feb 27, 2011
Lindsay Jordan’s “paranoid thought” about cck11 does prompt a serious question about the ‘Groups vs Networks’ issue. How can the idea(l) of “flattening” the network’s connectivity function be promoted without needing a “spike” (ie a highly connected node like Stephen’s site) to do so? 2011-02-27T21:49:51 [Comment]

Blogs – Declarative or Responsive?
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Feb 25, 2011
A comment by Scott Johnson on the CCK11FaceBook group refers to blogs as primarily declarative rather than responsive. Is that your experience? and either way are there things we could do to make them more conversational? 2011-02-25T08:35:51 [Comment]

Learning Theories in CCK11
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Feb 24, 2011
I have posted in my main blog a plea for assistance in understanding in what sense “learning theories” are actually scientific theories with predictive capability. My suspicion is that they might be better characterized as ideologies (ie as statements about what aspects of learning we consider important or valuable) but if this is wrong I [...] 2011-02-24T18:48:49 [Comment]

Groups vs Networks in CCK11
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Feb 24, 2011
This is a repost in order to get picked up by the cck11 gRSShopper system and start a discussion topic there. I am puzzled by Stephen’s apparent preference for the “stability” of flatter mesh-style networks over the kind of rapid propagation of change (“cascade” phenomena) that is facilitated by a power law distribution of connectivity. [...] 2011-02-24T18:32:52 [Comment]

Missing Posts
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Feb 24, 2011
A couple of my earlier posts didn’t get picked up – perhaps because I used the cck11 tag only as a category (and in the blog url) rather than in the content or title of the post. (And adding it retroactively didn’t seem to work either) 2011-02-24T07:37:54 [Comment]

Distributing the Dialogues
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Feb 22, 2011
In the discussion thread Dialogues (help!) there has been some mention of the tendency of the cck11 network to concentrate itself in the gRSShopper site and perhaps also on Facebook. In the interest of encouraging a more distributed network, I suggest that when a discussion has been started by commenting on the gRSShopper listing of a [...] 2011-02-22T07:23:05 [Comment]

PLENKs in #CCK11
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Feb 19, 2011
This post by LarsWas (with further discussion here) is a good intro to the topic of Week6. I agree with the view that as used now gRSShopper is hardly less centralized than Moodle. It has benefits in some areas but what it does by way of aggregation could mostly be added to Moodle and there [...] 2011-02-19T23:57:16 [Comment]

Starting CCK11
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Jan 24, 2011
I am not convinced by Connectivism as a theory, but am attracted to it as a practice – especially as exemplified by Stephen Downes – and my main reason for enrolling here is to learn more by experience of how other people engage in that practice. 2011-01-20T21:19:18 [Comment]

Hello world!
alan, Connectivism-2011 (per alQpr), Jan 24, 2011
Welcome to the CCK11 sub-site of my main blog site. This was its auto-generated first post. 2011-01-20T20:51:31 [Comment]

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