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CCK11 C-Map for partly understood material
scottx5, Scottx5's Blog, Apr 02, 2011
Learning net for difficult concept search – How do I approach a search for unfamiliar material I will be accountable for This one is related to the learning I do daily. I think it fits better with the idea of learning as discovery driven from within. Not sure how this would be trained. Sat, 02 Apr 2011 17:37:34 +0000 [Comment]

scottx5, Scottx5's Blog, Feb 05, 2011
Discover Magazine Great article that I think originally came from CIDAR at Athabasca University? Improper attribution is my responsibility here and I apologize not because I’m taking credit for creating the material only because distributed knowledge still originates somewhere. … Continue reading → 2011-02-05T22:14:47 [Comment]

The wierdness of networks #CCK11
scottx5, Scottx5's Blog, Feb 05, 2011
The oddities of networks: Just when I come up with a policy to free myself from clutches of the net the human side emerges from the tangle to remind me of the power of kindness over dogmatic statement. How can … Continue reading → 2011-02-05T05:56:37 [Comment]

#CCK11 out of place
scottx5, Scottx5's Blog, Feb 04, 2011
I’d be curious to know how many people prefer the disengagement of online life over the place they physically occupy in the real world. It still is the real world, network theory or not. Two threads here. First I’ve hit … Continue reading → 2011-02-04T03:37:37 [Comment]

CCK11 notes on chaos
scottx5, Scottx5's Blog, Jan 27, 2011
Connections that are suggestive and undeveloped. As these quotes are sourced with some deliberate purpose (they attracted my attention as worthy of keeping)  is  connectivism at work here? Or dose connectivism operate above my level of attention? In a counselling course it was … Continue reading → 2011-01-27T05:11:18 [Comment]

Week 2 CCK11
scottx5, Scottx5's Blog, Jan 24, 2011
This week’s network analysis focus seems relevant to my current status as a contract employee on, but at the edge of, a course production team. In an older understanding of groups my role seems to be limited to supporting the actualized … Continue reading → 2011-01-24T06:13:28 [Comment]

CCK11 first week
scottx5, Scottx5's Blog, Jan 24, 2011
It seemed strange to me that a course on connectivism should reside all over the place on people’s blogs. Then I read: It’s amazing (and slightly sneaky) that what I’m learning about is how I’m learning about it.  at  And … Continue reading → 2011-01-22T23:43:50 [Comment]

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