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“if something’s missing, create it” CCK11 discoverable artifacts
Aaron, ImagineACircle, Jan 24, 2011
getting caught up on the elluminate recording – what an amazing technology – the chat concurrent with the lecture and the whiteboard. “join the discussion” is the theme – pick a path, find some peers and join the discussion.   i liked very much the video i watched yesterday where George talked about networks being [...] 2011-01-24T05:58:18 [Comment]

week one of #CCK11
Aaron, ImagineACircle, Jan 24, 2011
transparent learning: "the act of showing others how we are learning is an instructional task... every expression is an opportunity for connection in a digital space: every tweet, every blog post, 2011-01-23T08:14:37 [Comment]

CCK11 Connectivism
Aaron, ImagineACircle, Jan 24, 2011
well…  yes, i do need another interest   (no, i don’t).   my fourth course in the MAIS program at Athabasca U begins this coming week, “Doing Disability Differently” – excellent reading list and excellent prof.   I was really wanting to take a semester off after working god knows how many hours at my [...] 2011-01-09T19:30:31 [Comment]

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