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Teaching Carnival 4.8
, Computers, Language, Writing, Apr 01, 2011
Carnie barker ProfHacker at The Chronicle welcomes you to Teaching Carnival 4.8. I've seen other blog carnivals, including more than a few teaching ones, mostly subject and K-12, but somehow missed this one. Fits right in with writing/blogging about teaching, computers, languages, writing, MOOC, multileracies and big or little c connectivism. How connectivated can it get? I'll probably redo for New Faculty Majority because they need to spend time on the hows of teaching too, connect ... 2011-04-01T16:19:00.001-04:00 [Comment]

Vanessa, Computers, Language, Writing, Mar 07, 2011
Indeed, almost a month between posts, of listening and reading more than "speaking" (CCK11 on Facebook excepted). There's a lesson there. There's always a lesson somewhere, everywhere ~ up to us to make connections, analyze the information, draw and apply conclusions, taking note but not worrying overmuch when conclusions don't match those of cohorts or even guides. Information, however, should not ramble too far off the reservation. Presumably, we are all working with ... 2011-03-07T21:17:00 [Comment]

Doing (multiple) MOOCs + Multiliteracies
Vanessa, Computers, Language, Writing, Jan 26, 2011
    I am currently registered in and trying to follow one online workshop and two MOOCs. Vance Stevens, who is conducting the online workshop, (TESOL's EVO or Electronic Village Online Multiliteracies , responded that he was considering designating Multiliteracies a MOOC or Miniscule Open Online Course. Comparing the courses, finding connections, is as much my goal and ongoing blog topic as surviving the experience without my head exploding.    ... 2011-01-26T03:23:00 [Comment]

First Impressions
Vanessa, Computers, Language, Writing, Jan 26, 2011
Week 1 impressions are primarily about evomlit11 (Multiliteracies) and LAK11 (Learning and Knowledge Analytics) and only peripherally to CCK11 (Connectivism and Connective Knowledge), which starts today as I am reminded by an email notice from that other MOOC. I registered there early and did some early prep. We'll see whether/ how much that helps chaos management (an oxymoron if there ever was one). Evomlit11, Vance Steven's 6 week EVO (Electronic Village Online) workshop, ... 2011-01-18T01:22:00 [Comment]

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