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Reflections and ramblings on my (lack of) understanding of connectivism, pedagogy and other theories of learning [HTML] [XML] Last Updated: 2011-04-21T15:01:15.513-0

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chess and connectivism - does it work for me?
learningfromconnexions, learning from connections, Jan 30, 2011
Just reflecting on some of the readings and posts over this last week or so.  The analogy of patterns in a chess game for the learning inherent in networks got me thinking  a bit clearer about it and gave me a lightbulb moment for five minutes or so. Though still a doubting Tomas as to how *real* it all is, I find I'm pushing myself to be a bit more open minded and accepting, helped by a friend commenting "...looks like an interesting concept, but isn't it just ... 2011-01-30T15:25:00 [Comment]

CCK11 and connectivism
learningfromconnexions, learning from connections, Jan 26, 2011
Having taken the plunge and signed up for CCK11 only one week after it'd started, I haven't regretted it (yet). Reading last week's materials has been interesting. Comparisons between connectivism and the other learning theories shows me just how limited each is in it's ability to describe the complexities of how we learn as individuals and groups. It really struck me how I've observed elements of each 'in play' while supporting learning in others, ... 2011-01-26T13:23:00 [Comment]

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