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Delicious & CCK08
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts, Feb 07, 2011
A member of the CCK08 (the first Connectivism class led by George & Stephen) put everyone's blogs on Delicious. I opened a Delicious account, put those pages on my account and didn't post to Delicious much after that. Because of CCK11,I decided to revisit Diigo and Delicious. Discovered there were some advantages to having the links to class members blogs. 1. They are in a variety of languages. Over the years, one would accumulate a list of bloggers on connectivism writing ... 2011-02-07T16:54:00 [Comment]

CCK11 Introduction and Map
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts, Jan 31, 2011
In the introduction, I never really said what I do. The easy answer is nothing. But it's not exactly nothing because I can point to something that exists amidst the nothing. There's a photo on the side bar. Son, daugher-in-law, son, me, son-in-law, daughter, husband, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, son. Two grandchildren expected in 2011 - one in March and one in August. That's my legacy. I brought people into the world who are bringing people into the world. My husband&... 2011-01-31T07:20:00 [Comment]

The King's Speech & Lack of Credentials
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts, Jan 27, 2011
The confrontation between the King George VI and Lionel Logue after the Archbishop of Canterbury reveals that Lionel Logue is not a doctor but an actor and teacher of elocution fits nicely with CCK11's pondering about what is a scholar. Upon meeting Lionel, the future King presumed that he was Dr. Logue. Lionel did not correct him. Should he have done so? Does it always matter to be precise or are there times when it is permissible to not draw attention to the mistaken assumption. ... 2011-01-27T06:04:00 [Comment]

Connected Learning & Isolation - CCK11
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts, Jan 26, 2011
In the introductions, Scott Johnson mentioned connectivism and connected learning with regard to living in an isolated area. In 2008 and 2009, I don't remember this aspect ever being discussed. Canada's cutting edge work on distance education for advanced degrees lies in the history of Athabasca College. There seemed to be a dividing line at the Manitoba/Ontario border with the East committed to bricks and mortar, traditional practices and the West and North more willing to ... 2011-01-26T16:23:00 [Comment]

Scholarly Expertise - CCK11
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts, Jan 26, 2011
I'm a lover of pageantry and processionals. They send shivers up my spine and add another link in a long chain of protecting and passing on what is valued. Even though I never had the intellect, perseverance or endurance for post graduate work, I believe the progression from bachelor to master to doctorate to lifetime scholarly commitment is worthy of whatever sacrifice it demanded. In the MOOC world where everyone is expected to create and add to a body of knowledge, I think both ... 2011-01-24T19:43:00 [Comment]

Truth As Theme - CCK11
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts, Jan 26, 2011
A new experience in Connectivism for me is taking other courses along with it. On Thursday and Friday, I took a 2 day seminar on a subject that I wouldn't expect to have common themes with CCK11. It was offered by Trinity Wall Street on "Reading Scripture Through Other Eyes" I was enormously surprised on Wed. Elluminate session in Connectivism that "What is True" became a subject of interest. My philosophical thoughts about "What is True" began and ended with an introductory ... 2011-01-24T16:49:00 [Comment]

Intro to CCK11
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts, Jan 26, 2011
Nothing I'm saying applies to the students taking this course for credit. They have a lot of work to cover in a set period of time to meet the standards set in the academic world. Those of us who are non-credit have set a lower priority bar for ourselves. Don't look at the volume of assigned readings and information being created by course members and decide to stop because you can't carve out that much time. Learn what you can and give yourself an open-ended finishing ... 2011-01-20T03:33:00 [Comment]

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