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no analytics :-) , no conversation :-(
alan, alQpr, Mar 09, 2011
The blog┬áblog analytics issue means little to me as I am here mainly to clarify my own thoughts rather than to find an audience, but D’Arcy Norman’s comment that “distributed blog conversation has basically vanished” disappoints me (especially in the light of what people are trying to do in distributed learning exercises like cck11 and [...] 2011-03-09T23:11:28 [Comment]

Learning Theories
alan, alQpr, Feb 28, 2011
In all of my efforts to participate in Connectivist MOOCS (#CritLit2010, #PLENK2010, #CCK11) I have run into a roadblock when discussion turned to “Learning Theories”. Perhaps conceitedly, I find it hard to believe that this is because I lack a theoretical bent or (god forbid!) a capacity for analysis, but I have found myself unable [...] 2011-02-17T17:41:52 [Comment]

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