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You’ve got an “ology”?
, Fresh and Crispy II, Mar 21, 2011
Zaid Ali Alsagoff shared his discovery of at last week’s Wednesday presentation on #CCK11 so I’ve posted the link in a blog post “You’ve got an “Ology”? on the Swansea Learning Lab community blog. We also discussed lecture capture … Continue reading → 2011-03-21T17:29:39Z [Comment]

Networked Blogs ~ CCK11 (test)
cpjobling, Fresh and Crispy II, Mar 08, 2011
I saw Downes’ commentary¬†Networked Blogs ~ CCK11 on the CCK11 discussion page which talks about someone who suggested in the CCK11 Facebook group that NetworkedBlogs could syndicate from my Blog to the CCK11 group. So I thought I’d set it … Continue reading → 2011-03-08T23:24:56 [Comment]

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