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Language as a Body of Knowledge #cck11
Glenyan, A Point of Connect, Mar 13, 2011
One of the initial things that I’ve been thinking as I move through the CCK11,  is that a connectivist approach is an excellent way to design a language learning course. I was recently following a discussion at Athabasca University about the Social Software and it’s role in Distance Education design.  (I’d post the link, but [...] 2011-03-13T15:23:07 [Comment]

Encapsulation #cck11
glenyan, A Point of Connect, Mar 12, 2011
I’ve had some time to read through some of the material in this course.  It’s great.  I love a lot of the stuff I’ve been reading, and a lot of it is new to me…but also fitting in nicely with my current studies.  I wish I could prioritize this material/activity higher, but I guess it’s [...] 2011-03-12T15:44:38 [Comment]

Joining the #CCK11 half-way through
glenyan, A Point of Connect, Feb 28, 2011
This post’s original title was “Joining the #CCK11 late”.  After a quick reflection, I changed it because, from what I know, the spirit of the class (despite the set course dates) is that there no early, or late, or very much of an external structure to depend on.  We create our own time-frames, learning and [...] 2011-02-27T14:35:44 [Comment]

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