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The difference between learning and teaching

Commentary by Downes (Stephen Downes) on link by (Verónica Vázquez Zentella), The difference between learning and teaching, Feb 10, 2011.

Actually, I think that 'studying' or 'practicing' are like eating. These are activities we so.

The word 'learning' is a success-term. It refers to the result. Although we say "I am learning to drive" we really mean "I am practicing how to drive." If we keep practicing but get no better, it becomes foolish to say "I am 'learning' to drive."

To say 'I am learning' is like saying 'I am becoming stronger'. This is something 'studying' can help with, the way 'eating' can help with becoming stronger. But there are other factors involved. There are things you can't control. Though the result is desired and expected, it is not what you are *doing*, it is what you are *hoping* for. (Hits Today: 18692 Total: 18690)

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