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Information not in a head #cck11

Commentary by Downes (Stephen Downes) on link by jaapsoft2, Information not in a head #cck11, Feb 15, 2011.

I think we should be clear when we talk about 'storing information outside the brain'. This does not mean there is nothing happening inside the brain. Rather, it means that we need to be clear that there is the set of traditional knowledge artifacts - words, sentences, pictures, etc. - that form an external network. Our brain, taken as a single entity, may be thought of as belonging to that network. But inside our brain is a separate network, composed not of words and pictures, but rather of neurons and synapses. Like knowledge in the external world, knowledge in the brain consists also as a network of connections. The nature of these connections is influenced by, among other things, our perceptions of the artifacts in the external world. But it does not *contain* those artifacts. Words and concepts are not the products of thought - they are the products of experience. (Hits Today: 3332 Total: 3332)

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