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Six Tweets on Self

Commentary by Downes (Stephen Downes) on , Feb 15, 2011.

I've been exploring the implications of some connectivist ideas recently, and in particular the idea the knowledge is created externally through the creation of networks of artifacts in society. What's important here, I think, is to understand that this external knowledge is not the same as, nor an extension of, the knowledge we have in the brain. The one is a network of artifacts, the worther is a network of neurons. The one is composed of words and sentences, pictures, concepts and theories, the other is composed of neurons and synapses, perceptions and activations. Very different. We may perceive words and concepts, but they are not 'in' us, no more than a rock, a moose or the city of Paris is 'in' us. (Hits Today: 8921 Total: 8921)

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