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CCK11: Done!

Commentary by Downes (Stephen Downes) on link by leahgrrl, CCK11: Done!, Feb 22, 2011.

"Still," writes Leah, "I don't feel like just an activated node. I don't feel like a dispassionate conduit of connections."

Fair enough. You're not a neuron, you should expect to have a deeper experience than one. But what do you feel like?

What we feel like depends a lot on our perception of the world. Feeling is not value-neutral. Even our most basic feelings - hunger, anger, love - would be undifferentiated pains were it not for the context of understanding in which they are placed.

What do I feel like? Like I am immersed in a set of sensations, awash with experiences, cognizant of external influences reaching right into the core of my brain. Like when I put iPod earbuds into my ears and pretend it's direct mental contact. I feel, in other words, deeply connected with everything around me.

Can I imagine myself as *not* so connected? Not really... (Hits Today: 2485 Total: 2485)

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