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Progress and Learning in cck11

Commentary by ken427 (Ken Anderson) on link by alan, Progress and Learning in cck11, Mar 08, 2011.

I think grouper is the proper word, as in by becoming fluent you become influential, and through your influence your fluency tends to grouping behaviour, in that you, as influencer, become a grouper of nodes.

The term grouper should not be confused with the species of fish. Fish, by their nature, are schooled in the art of connected networking. Their schooling activity is in fact a hereditary development that helps to perpetuate the species, by protecting it from predators like groupers. By schooling into a mesh network, the groupers are unable to exercise their fluent influence, and the connected fish swim freely, as one. It's a beautiful sight to behold.

And thus we have Connectivism, the human form of schooled fish behaviour. I think. Then again, maybe not. Throw in a little Hebbianism, a dash of Boltzmannism, add salt and I think the groundwork is there. Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Connectivism. Wait. Connectivism is an empirical claim. How about: Groundwork of the Materialist Physics of Connectivisim?. Hmm. These are rather poor titiles, I think.

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